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Pre-Owned Lift Trucks: Pre-Owned Pricing, World Class Performance.
Only With Raymond ReNewed.

Andersen Pre-Owned Lif Trucks

Andersen delivers the right pre-owned lift trucks
at the right price.

Do you need a pre-owned truck? Ask yourself the following.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then a pre-owned lift truck from Andersen Material Handling is exactly what you need!

When you need a top-performing pre-owned fork lift truck, look to Andersen Material Handling. We offer a wide range of lift truck capacities all powered with either Electric, or IC internal combustion.

Our knowledgeable sales reps will help you specify the best truck for your application. If we do not have exactly what you need in stock, give us a little time and our factory certified technicians will modify a truck to meet your special/unique needs.

Pre-owned equipment is processed at four (4) Andersen Material Handling locations. All pre-owned equipment goes through one of four rigorous multi-point processes, dependant on your requirements. Factory certified technicians verify the integrity of all operating systems…to assure
optimum performance.

Click here to view our Raymond ReNewed Pre-Owned lift truck program.

Additionally, Andersen Material Handling, Inc. will only sell pre-owned equipment
that can pass the certification process and qualify for its warranty.
Click here to view our certification process.

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