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Certified Used


All Class II- Certified Used Forklifts sold and processed by Andersen Material Handling are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for a period of 90 days or 520 hours of usage (Parts & Labor), whichever occurs first.

1. General: All units externally cleaned and checked for structural integrity - straightened, repaired, welded as necessary.

2. Drive Units: Inspected for proper operation and leaks. Repaired as necessary.

3. Caster Assembly: Inspected for proper operation and damage. Repaired/adjusted as necessary.

4. Motors: Tested for proper grounds and brush wear. Repaired as necessary.

5. Hydraulic Pumps: Inspected for leaks. Rebuilt or replaced as necessary.

6. Valves: Inspected for leaks or other damage. Resealed as necessary.

7. Hose Assemblies: Inspected for leaks and damage and replaced as necessary. Some external cracks/checks are acceptable.

8. Electrical Panels: Visually inspected for corrosion, wear, and worn contact tips. Repaired as necessary.

9. Controller: Tested for proper operation and repaired as necessary.

10. Mast Assemblies: Inspected for physical damage and acceptable wear. Mast is repaired and reshimmed as necessary. Lift rams are inspected for chrome damage and leaks. Cylinders are repaired and repacked as necessary.

11. Brake System: Disassembled, inspected and tested for safe operation. Components are rebuilt or replaced as necessary.

12. Wheels and Tires: Inspected for wear and serviceability and replaced where necessary. Some wear and small abrasions are acceptable.

13. Paint: Unit is externally detailed and painted.

14. Inspection/Testing: The truck is operationally tested under load conditions to assure proper operation of all controls and functions.

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