For Over 50 Years   •   1960 - 2017

About Andersen Material Handling: Committed To Supplying The Highest Quality And Best Value For Our Customers

About Andersen

We find solutions to even the most unique material handling demands. Every day.

For over 50 years, Andersen has had one goal: partner with our customers to enable them to achieve optimal facility space utilization and continuously improve their overall supply chain productivity.

And with a growing number of customers, we have been successful doing just that.

Locally owned and managed, Andersen offers comprehensive, cost-effective and customized material handling solutions that comprise:

Andersen & Associates Trucks

All product and service solutions are supported by unmatched service from the entire Andersen team, which is comprised of 190 full-time employees and 80 Raymond factory trained service technicians located in six (6) facilities throughout Michigan, Ohio and Florida.

An authorized Raymond Dealer since 1965, our extensive experience in a range of diversified industries has taught us that total customer satisfaction is the only acceptable outcome in each and every transaction. It is therefore our goal to assure that our organization provides that level of service. Every time.

For more information about partnering with Andersen Material Handling, and how we can help you meet your material handling goals, please contact us today.

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