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Batteries & Chargers: Power Up With Our Industry Leading Solutions

Reliable, Effective Batteries That Keep Your Business Moving.

Andersen Material Handling offers a wide array of batteries from industry leading manufacturers. For all your applications, we specify and provide the right battery for the job. From smaller pallet trucks to heavy-duty lift trucks, we fit the battery to the vehicle.

Batteries provide needed counterweight for our electric lift trucks and they are readily removable when their energy is depleted. All our batteries come with comprehensive warranties and are backed by superior product support.

Drive Productivity With High Capacity Chargers.

We work with the leading industrial battery manufacturers to offer our customers a variety of options based on application, budget and type of battery. We offer battery chargers for every material handling environment. All of our industrial battery chargers are backed by the manufacturer's comprehensive product warranties.

Power Solutions from Proven Suppliers

Andersen Material Handling is proud to partner with these leading power solutions companies.
Give us a call to find the right supplier to fit your specific needs.


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